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Beyond Salsa Piano is a history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section – from its first appearance to the present. In a broader sense, it’s a study of the tumbao – the art of creating music from layers of repeating rhythmic and melodic phrases. Whether these syncopated figures are called tumbaos, guajeos, montunos, riffs or vamps, this Afro-Cuban concept lies at the heart of nearly every popular music genre from salsa to rock , funk, R&B, hiphop and jazz.

While presented as a set of method books, the series doubles as a history course and record collecting guide for listeners, dancers, and players of instruments other than the piano.

Perhaps the most important goal of the series is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how tumbaos are constructed, their central role in the texture of Latin music of all eras, and the endless possibilities they provide for creative composing and arranging.
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Aprieta mi camiseta de

Artist:   Team Timba

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2009 1 0
# Name Play Time Info
01  Aprieta Pero No Ahoga
Alternative text
4:25 free download with t-shirt purchase
The first single from TEAM TIMBA's upcoming album "Castigando A Los Chantajistas", this track is available as a free download with purchase of the official t-shirt. APRIETA PERO NO AHOGA features Gonzalo "Chalo"Chomat and Iris Cepeda on lead vocals.

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Créditos / Credits for APRIETA PERO NO AHOGA:

Gonzalo "Chalo" Chomat lead vocals Marco Díaz piano, horns
Iris Cepeda lead vocals Colin Douglas all percussion
Michael Lazarus bass José Marty vocal tracking
    Alex Cirilo mix engineer
  Music by Michael Lazarus & Marco Díaz  
  Lyrics by Chalo Chomat, Iris Cepeda & Michael Lazarus
Produced and Mastered by Michael Lazarus

Featuring a rotating cast of top musicians and singers, TEAM TIMBA plays intense original music designed specifically for the tropical music lover and casino style (salsa) dancer. Much like the music, casino dance -also called salsa rueda (wheel)- is a group activity that involves a series of calls and responses. Participants range from an individual dancer to 7-8-9 or more couples, where the body movements match the different sections within the songs. Those who prefer to listen will revel in the many influences that are noticeable in the music -from Earth, Wind & Fire style horns to funky beats and bass lines to catchy tongue-in-cheek shout choruses with improvisational responses from the lead singer. The many technical aspects of the musical performance are nicely contrasted by the upbeat, positive cheer and celebratory vibe of the lyrical message.