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Beyond Salsa Piano Vol5

Artist:   Kevin Moore

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Instructional 2010 72 1


© 2010 A. Kevin Moore. All rights reserved.
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# Name Play Time Info
01  Estudio 2 Fast 0:33 tumbao study 2 - track 11 of 72
02  Estudio 21 Fast 0:48 tumbao study 21 - track 49 of 72
03  Estudio 31 Fast 0:48 tumbao study 31 - track 69 of 72

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Name Difficulty Notation Price
eBook Beyond Salsa Piano Vol5 Sample Med - Hard Piano $9.99 **eBooks / charts currently unavailable.
Volume 5 covers the Timba era that began in 1989. That period changed the role of the piano more dramatically than any other, producing the incredible array of innovations that were the inspiration for this series of books. Beyond Salsa Piano is an instructional (eBook + audio), play-along history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section –from its first appearance to the present. This is the fifth book in a instructional series set to become the new standard for contemporary Latin piano styles. 125 pages (125 páginas) with 72 audio tracks (72 pistas).

Special notes about Beyond Salsa Piano Volume 5:

** Beyond Salsa Piano Volume 5 is the fifth in a series of instructional methods composed of an eBook with audio tracks. The eBook and audio tracks are sold separately. The eBook is made available through our View to Print system.

** All 72 audio tracks have stereo separation: the left channel has the left hand piano part and the right channel has the right hand piano part.

The Timba era that began in 1989 changed the role of the piano more dramatic than any other, producing the incredible array of innovations that were the inspiration for this series of books.

Chapter 1 is a brief history of timba, covering the most important groups and pianists.

Chapter 2 deals with the genre as a whole, the lyrics, dance and culture as well as the harmonic and rhythmic elements that differentiate it from earlier Cuban music.

Chapter 3 deals with the concept of gears, first introduced in the Tomás Cruz Conga Method. In that book, gears were described as they pertained to the specific bands that Tomás recorded with. Here, we extend the concept to all of the post-1990 bands, explaining it first in general and then as it specifically pertains to the pianist.

Chapter 4 isolates and describes ten major piano innovations of the timba era.

Chapter 5 consists of 32 "estudios" - special tumbaos, all on the same chord progression, designed to demonstrate the innovations described in the previous chapter.

Beyond Salsa Piano is a history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section – from its first appearance to the present. In a broader sense, it’s a study of the tumbao – the art of creating music from layers of repeating rhythmic and melodic phrases. Whether these syncopated figures are called tumbaos, guajeos, montunos, riffs or vamps, this Afro-Cuban concept lies at the heart of nearly every popular music genre from salsa to rock , funk, R&B, hiphop and jazz.

While presented as a set of method books, the series doubles as a history course and record collecting guide for listeners, dancers, and players of instruments other than the piano.

Perhaps the most important goal of the series is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how tumbaos are constructed, their central role in the texture of Latin music of all eras, and the endless possibilities they provide for creative composing and arranging.

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