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Style Top Album Top Artist
Afro-Cuban The Routes of Rumba Pedro Martínez & Román Díaz
Hip-Hop Confrontacion Limpia Timpanos
Instructional Beyond Salsa Piano Vol1 Kevin Moore
Latin Jazz Pure Mezcla Pablo Menéndez & Mezcla
Pop Dos Palabras Iris Sandra
Reggaeton The Project (Deluxe) M.D. (Machito Diferente)
Salsa No Alcanzan Palabras Para Ti Yamila Guerra
Son Cubano Soy Raul Lara
Timba Sin Comentarios (DE) La Bola
Tropical A Todo Ritmo Sergio Bonafonte
Country Top Album Top Artist
Belgium Abriendo Caminos Contrabando
Canada My Seductive Cuba Musical Companion Chen Lizra
Cuba Para Mi Gente Lazarito Valdes y su Bamboleo
Mexico Guarachando SBS Abel Nama
Peru De La Habana A Peru Bárbaro Fines y su Mayimbe
Puerto Rico The Project (Deluxe) M.D. (Machito Diferente)
Spain A Todo Ritmo Sergio Bonafonte
Sweden Me Lo Gane Calle Real
United States Receta Perfecta La Bola
Combo Top Album Top Artist
Solo-Duo The Routes of Rumba Kevin Moore
Quintet-Octet Receta Perfecta Havana NRG!
Orchestra Para Mi Gente Calle Real
Compilation My Seductive Cuba Musical Companion Chen Lizra
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  • There is a history of musical innovations being forged on the island of Cuba before finally breaking out into the wider world and making their mark on music at large. Books like those by Rebeca Mauleón have enabled more of us to participate in that process. Now, ten years after Rebeca’s last book, Kevin Moore has produced a unique and outstanding set of works which make the last twenty years of Cuban music accessible to anyone who cares to learn to play it. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the world is now ready for an injection of Cuban timba.
    - Keith Johnson, England