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Ukwanda Hip Hop

Artist:   IndieGente

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Hip-Hop 2006 20 0


© 2005 IndieGente. All rights reserved.
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# Name Play Time Info
01  Amerika Latina 4:06 DOUBLE FILO Cuba
02  Blunts and Stunts 3:29 ARCHETYPES South Africa
03  F#ck the System 3:36 AKIL AMMAR & WARCLUB & LINA Mex & US
04  Superstar 6:48 JBUX FT. ESHAM & ALDRICH South Africa
05  War Cries 3:25 NYTMARE U.S.A.
06  Tercer Mundo 3:50 CHARLIE BRONSON México
07  Inches 3:20 HISHAAM South Africa
08  Womb Man 2:49 FLOLOVE South Africa
09  Costumbre de Matar 3:37 ALIKA & NUEVA ALIANZA Argentina
10  Equality 5:24 FIRST CASE ALLIANCE South Africa
11  Hijo del Barrio 3:23 WELFARE POETS U.S.A.
12  Dos Botas de Tinta 3:26 MIGUEL CONTRERAS México
13  It's Time 3:40 IZA France
14  The Onus 3:51 X 24th & KONFAB South Africa
15  Esperanza Vive 3:21 TIERRA y LIBERTAD U.S.A.
16  Dem Got No Love 3:42 ALIKA & NUEVA ALIANZA Argentina
17  In Combination 4:16 SKOOL 77 & DR. MYAL México
18  Quisieron Más 3:58 BOCAFLOJA & NICO ROYALE México & Italy
19  The Haunted 4:10 METAPHYZICAL MISFITS South Africa
20  Outro 1:26 BUSI NKOPANE South Africa
An Africa & Latino-America connection brings us this slammin' hip hop collaboration. Features groups from South Africa, NYC, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and Italy. SUPER SAVER! over 1 hour 15 minutes of music (01:15:30).

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Hip Hop Alive
Rich in spirit, wealth and culture
A colonial discourse we both experienced
Stunted in our Growth
Dismantled by their need for wealth
Yet our spirit we never undermined
Now neo-imperialism they reveal
To further fuel they urge for wealth
A movement we now own
In resistance to their surge
In our back quarters
Knowing no boundaries
Relieving us locally and globally
Hip Hop is our refuge
To redeem ourselves, fuelling our surge
A change, it will one day reveal
An affirmation of our chosen expression
This formation will be