Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Threshold of Truth

Artist:   Kephas

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Latin Rock 2007 12 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  The Fall of Death
Alternative text
4:56 latin guitar driven rock exemplified
02  Away and Beyond
Alternative text
5:09 up-tempo latin rock, nice organ work
03  Threshold of Truth
Alternative text
6:02 slow mood piece, great sustain on the guitar
04  To the Victor the Spoils
Alternative text
5:38 modern jazz fusion influenced piece
05  La Guadalupe
Alternative text
6:44 burning climactic solo
06  Paraiso
Alternative text
4:47 extended guitar improvisation
07  Star of the Sea
Alternative text
6:07 melodic lines galore
08  Calor Y Ternura
Alternative text
6:32 sounds like an anthem
09  On the First Day of Forever
Alternative text
6:08 a sentimental rock cha-cha
10  Out of the Depths
Alternative text
6:10 dark organ work and melodies
11  Again for the First Time
Alternative text
4:50 bolero - spanish ballad
12  Visions of Plenty
Alternative text
5:23 rock (descarga) jam
With his new CD, Threshold of Truth, Kephas explores a realm of divinity through a compelling song cycle that aligns prayer to percussion, six strings with the sacred. Three threads run through Kephas’ work: spiritual reverence, electric guitar prowess (showing the prominent influence of Carlos Santana), and Afro-Latin rhythms, particularly those of Kephas’ Cuban heritage.

An Artist’s Musical Litany on Humanity, Compassion and The Spirit

With his new CD, Threshold of Truth, Kephas explores a realm of divinity through a compelling song cycle that aligns prayer to percussion, six strings with the sacred. Threshold of Truth charts a journey, and the sequence of the tracks marks the arduous path encountered in living a spiritual life. As an explosive timbale riff intros the first track, “The Fall of Death,” the Florida-based guitarist, songwriter and producer’s signature sustained guitar sets the tone. “Death is not the cessation of our earthly life,” says Kephas, “but the birth of our spiritual life.” The music to this track was inspired by a poem of the same name penned by the artist.

Other key milestones include the hypnotic “Paraiso,” a Spanish word that signifies a gift. Kephas references the Book of Corinthians 1:6 as he explains that the lines in the Bible reveal, “Yet do we speak a wisdom to those who are mature...” to differentiate this state of grace from a temporal utopia. The invitation to sanctity is underscored by the lush grace of “Calor Y Ternura” (literally, “heat and tenderness”) as Kephas notes, “My experience of God is predominately heart based, as opposed to the apocalyptic rendition popular in some circles.”

“Again for the First Time – Part One” unfolds a dreamy mid-tempo soundscape as the soothing melody spirals skyward. The concluding song, “Visions of Plenty” is a vibrant rhythmic workout that completes the cycle with fervor and exuberance.

Kephas acknowledges that life events and human challenges are tests of faith but he believes that this is a direct conduit to the hearts and souls of his listeners. As the title would indicate, he is now at the doorway of a new stage of enlightenment. “I wanted to offer a taste of what music can, and indeed should, offer humanity: a transcendent experience that will infuse their lives with strength, joy, peace, compassion and truth; a spiritual truth, as opposed to the reality show impersonator.” With Threshold of Truth, music is a key to the power and the promise of that spirit.

Miami, Florida By: Dan Kimpel