Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Reggae Thong

Artist:   Party Time

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Reggaeton 2003 20 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Intro
Alternative text
2:49 DJ Kan C.
02  Alerta
Alternative text
2:37 Da' Twins
03  Perro Sato
Alternative text
3:10 Yakustó & Magic Blunt
04  Dime Si Sientes
Alternative text
2:34 Severo
05  Socotoco
Alternative text
2:49 El Macho ND y Angelo
06  Mujeres
Alternative text
1:51 Link
07  Liga
Alternative text
2:07 Boa
08  La Lenta
Alternative text
2:59 Yakustó, Magic Blunt & Angelo
09  Jartera De Perreo
Alternative text
2:38 El Macho ND
10  En La Disco
Alternative text
2:22 Angelo
11  Embustero
Alternative text
3:12 Tito Yang
12  Suelta
Alternative text
2:05 Stario
13  Nena
Alternative text
2:50 Zem-C
14  Si Te Pegas
Alternative text
2:07 La Lady
15  Gata Abusadora
Alternative text
3:19 Mennin Black
16  El Resbalón
Alternative text
2:57 Down Town
17  Fino
Alternative text
2:48 Yakustó & Magic Blunt
18  Ráfagas De Rima
Alternative text
2:42 Kimosabi
19  Amor Encarcelado
Alternative text
2:19 Damian y Little N.
20  El Aguadueño
Alternative text
3:57 Zem-C
Las mejores pistas de la industria producidos por DJ Kan-C, con nuevos talentos, artistas reconocidos y raperos de la vieja guardia. McK Records les presenta lo mejor del talento de Reggaeton directo desde su tierra natal, tierra donde nació este género: la Isla de Puerto Rico. Reggaeton, Hip-Hop y Rap....Reggar Thong lo tiene!

McK Records has reunited the best "reggaetón" talents from the island that gave birth to this genre, Puerto Rico. Reggae Thong will make everyone dance to the rhythms of Dance Hall Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap and Reggae Ballad. The best tracks in the industry produced by Dj Kan-C, the ultimate sounds and magic flow people love about reggaetón, all combined in this innovative creation. With new talents, recognized artists and the old schoolers, Reggae Thong has it all.