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Se Sigue Comentando

Artist:   Reve y su Charangon

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2004 11 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  1999
Alternative text
4:55 Elio Revé Jr. piano
02  Tu No Me llenas
Alternative text
5:01 Roy Alain Sain piano
03  Mi Vecina
Alternative text
5:00 Arnaldo Jiménez bajo, marímbula
04  A Mi Lo Mismo Me Da
Alternative text
4:37 Raúl Martínez, Fernando Revé güiro, clave
05  Si Tu Supieras Corazon
Alternative text
3:59 Jorge Bravo timbal
06  Dejala Que Siga
Alternative text
4:52 Arián Chacón congas
07  Dale Agua Al Domino
Alternative text
4:17 Ulises Texidor bongó
08  Tu Zorreo
Alternative text
5:02 Eulises Benavides, Orlando Montaner trombones
09  Vamos A Casa De Pipi En Yateras
Alternative text
2:36 Jorge Luis Vila tres
10  El Verano
Alternative text
4:06 Dagoberto Vázquez, Roberto Morales voz
11  Se Sigue Comentando
Alternative text
5:09 Alexei Sánchez "El Nene" voz
"Se sigue comentando" is considered by many timberos to be one of the best albums of the early 2000s. It was recorded in 2004 and widely known to timba fans by the time it was finally officially released in 2005.

Ulises Texidor played bongó for Bamboleo from around 1996 to 1999. Arnaldo Jiménez, leader of Arnaldo y su Cosmopólita and Arnaldo y su Talismán, has played on many Envidia CDs and played with Paulito FG in the early 90s, recording Sofocándote.

The song Se sigue comentando is often listed as "Uyuyui te veo", and was the subject of much controversy, with Michel Maza and Revé both performing and taking credit for it. Later, Michel joined forces with Revé briefly, but apparently never went into the studio with them.