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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Andar Andando

Artist:   Azucar Negra

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2000 12 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Hoy Me Inclino
Alternative text
5:37 Haila Mompie cantante, lider
02  Andar Andando
Alternative text
3:54 Alexander A. Lara, Monica Mesa cantantes
03  Se Acabo La Rabia
Alternative text
4:41 Aldo Isidro Miranda, Enrique Lazaga canatnte, güiro
04  Amarte A Ti
Alternative text
5:03 Adalberto L. Dominguez (El Bamba) bajo
05  Habana-Lima
Alternative text
4:44 Aismar Simón piano y teclados
06  Que Viva La Vida
Alternative text
3:58 Maykel Zamor paila y batería
07  Tiralo Pa'l Agua
Alternative text
5:46 Yoel Cuesta conga y bongó
08  Tan Solo Tu
Alternative text
3:59 Dunier Bessu trompeta
09  Frente Frio
Alternative text
5:18 Rene A. Arbolaez trompeta
10  Tratado De Timba Y De Salsa
Alternative text
5:00 Jorge L. Aparicio saxofón
11  Eres Como Yo
Alternative text
5:44 Andel Laborit saxofón
12  No Me Parezco a nadie
Alternative text
5:46 Joaquin Orlando Cuesta quinto
With the release of “Andar Andando”, Azucar Negra has produced a timba classic for the new millenium. The dynamic duo of writer-arranger, Leonel Limonta and vocalist Haila Mompie (both founders of another powerhouse group, Bamboleo), have come up with a delicious blend of rhythms that will grab hold of both dancer and listener alike.

The title track, “Andar Andando” grooves along nicely, featuring a smooth, cool arrangement up until the soneos by Mompie, which come in at the end, making the song reach a steaming climax. Another killer tune on the record, “Se acabo la rabia” is powered by great choruses, funky horn lines and again shows Haila’s exciting vocal command. Newcomer, Alexander Lara shows off his skills on a humdinger of a cut, “Tiralo pa’l agua”. This is a slammin’ timba gem, comparable to anything out on the street right now by the giants of the genre. This song mixes intense vocals and catchy-as-hell choruses with great piano riffs, slinky horns and driving basslines. This cut will make you bump and grind to the “tembleque” on the dance floor! Lara gets down and dirty again with a super-confident bravado vocal on “Eres como yo”, another tour-de-force scorcher. This track jumps at you with a guaguanco opening that gathers full strength with young pianoman deluxe, Aismar Simon’s rocking, sweaty tumbaos and the horns shooting short, biting blasts of pure ecstacy (even quoting pello el afrokan’s “mozambique” in the process!!!! ). The album comes to a blazing close with a better-than-the –original, Bamboleo staple, “No me parezco a nadie”. This version is a modern standard, containing all the ingredients that make timba one of the most exciting dance musics in the world today. Get a dose of funky black sugar magic and get rid of your musical woes forever! -- 2001 Carlos Suarez for www.TIMBA.com