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Beyond Salsa Piano is a history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section – from its first appearance to the present. In a broader sense, it’s a study of the tumbao – the art of creating music from layers of repeating rhythmic and melodic phrases. Whether these syncopated figures are called tumbaos, guajeos, montunos, riffs or vamps, this Afro-Cuban concept lies at the heart of nearly every popular music genre from salsa to rock , funk, R&B, hiphop and jazz.

While presented as a set of method books, the series doubles as a history course and record collecting guide for listeners, dancers, and players of instruments other than the piano.

Perhaps the most important goal of the series is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how tumbaos are constructed, their central role in the texture of Latin music of all eras, and the endless possibilities they provide for creative composing and arranging.
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Dos Palabras

Artist:   Iris Sandra

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Pop 2011 12 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Dos Palabras
Alternative text
3:37 canción gitana con guitarra española
02  Pierdo Mi Tiempo
Alternative text
3:21 a veces quisiera dejar de amarte
03  Lo Sabía
Alternative text
4:16 para esas noches tardes después de la fiesta
04  Solo En Sueños
Alternative text
3:22 quiero que este sueño se convierta en realidad
05  No Esperaré
Alternative text
3:35 y pensarás que todavía aquí voy a estar
06  Estar Contigo
Alternative text
4:57 con la Orquesta Rumbankete de Los Angeles
07  (karaoke) Dos Palabras
Alternative text
3:38 versiones completas sin la voz principal
08  (karaoke) Pierdo Mi Tiempo
Alternative text
3:21 tv track versions without the lead voice
09  (karaoke) Lo Sabía
Alternative text
4:17 disfruta estas pistas para que cantes con Iris
10  (karaoke) Solo En Sueños
Alternative text
3:21 funky, deep urban r&b music with spanish lyrics
11  (karaoke) No Esperaré
Alternative text
3:36 con influencias de la música urbana negra
12  (karaoke) Estar Contigo
Alternative text
4:56 with L.A.'s top timba group Rumbankete
Iris Sandra’s long anticipated solo debut album -Dos Palabras (Two Words)- features her stellar voice on six original tracks and some of the top studio recording talent in Los Angeles. The album showcases her wide ranging abilities as a singer and composer, surprising many with her soulful interpretation of music styles not commonly recorded in Spanish. Download includes full liner notes and credits, as well as complete karaoke versions (without the lead voice).

Album credits for DOS PALABRAS

IRIS SANDRA Iris Sandra Cepeda - Lead & Background Vocals

Composers: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Producers: Esteban Adame, Gonzalo Chomat, Iris Cepeda
Guitars: José Prieto, Willy Lozano
Background Vocals: José Prieto
Bass: David Goodwin
Drums: Andy Sanesi
Percussion & Mix : Alberto López (Coney Island Studios)

Composers: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Producers: Esteban Adame, Gonzalo Chomat, Iris Cepeda
Keyboards & Programming: Esteban Adame
Mix: Erik Madrid (Sonic Elements Productions)

Composers: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Producers: Eric Sánchez, Esteban Adame
Keyboards & Programming: Esteban Adame
Backing vocals: Blossom Ko
Bass & Mix: Erik Sánchez (Ruido Studios)

Composers: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Producers: Eric Sánchez, Esteban Adame
Keyboards & Programming: Esteban Adame
Drums: Hale Johnson
Bass, Guitar & Mix: Erik Sánchez (Ruido Studios)

Composer: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Percussion & Mix: Alberto López (Coney Island Studios)
Producer & Keyboards: Esteban Adame
Backing vocals: Blossom Ko
Guitar: Andrés Torres
Bass: David Goodwin
Drums: Andy Sanesi

Composers: Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat, Esteban Adame
Producers: Denis Jirón, Alberto López
Arrangement: Matt Amper, Denis Jirón, Gonzalo Chomat
Background vocals: Gonzalo Chomat, Gabriela Kinuyo
Torres, Nicholas Daley
Piano: Matt Amper
Timbal: Joey De León
Congas: Alberto López
Violins: Kirsten Bersch
Bass: Lorenzo Vázquez
Drums: Rubén Ordiano
Trombones: Denis Jirón
Keyboards: Bryan Velazco
Mix: Alberto López, Denis Jirón,
Iris Cepeda, Gonzalo Chomat (Coney Island Studios)

Publishing (all tracks): LPM LATIN PULSE MUSIC (BMI) | +1.775.230.6501
Licensing: | michael [at] latinpulsemedia [dot] com
Cover, Artwork & Mastering: Michael P. Lazarus of
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Después de muchos años, y con mucho anhelo y anticipación, le dedico esta producción a mis padres Victoria Pérez Gelabert y Mario Cepeda Oliva. No creo que hubiese sido posible materializarlo sin el respaldo de mi familia y la ayuda de varias personas muy especiales en mi vida. Entre ellos.... Mi esposo Gonzalo Chomat, gracias por tu amor a este disco, tus consejos y tu fuerza. Esteban Adame por tu colaboración y tus ideas. Cada uno de los músicos que aportaron su talento y su tiempo, son increíbles! Alberto López, Denis Jirón y la Orquesta Rumbankete, Michael Lázarus por todo su apoyo. A todos...GRACIAS!

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