SE LLAMA SABROSO (They Call it Tasty) by Zona Franka (a zona franca is a duty-free port) is an exciting introduction of a style called "Changüí con flow", a fusion of traditional rural changüí with rap and other urban Cuban music. As the name of the group implies, various musical styles from around the Americas are also featured. The songs are Cuban classics re-imagined in fresh, clever and innovative new arrangements that far differ from the original versions.
This is the debut solo album of Cuban cuatro master Kiki Valera, a member of the Familia Valera Miranda, a century-old group and one of the key purveyors of the Son Cubano. While completely dedicated to the performance of traditional Cuban music, Valera was exposed to jazz masters through cassette tapes while in school and those inspirations elevate the quality of his cuatro solos in subtle and wonderful ways. Joined here by childhood friend, renowned vocalist Coco Freeman, Valera and his exciting ensemble pair 12 original songs with beautiful instrumental work in ways that will make you dance, laugh, and possibly shed a tear.
Beyond Salsa Piano is a history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section – from its first appearance to the present. In a broader sense, it’s a study of the tumbao – the art of creating music from layers of repeating rhythmic and melodic phrases. Whether these syncopated figures are called tumbaos, guajeos, montunos, riffs or vamps, this Afro-Cuban concept lies at the heart of nearly every popular music genre from salsa to rock , funk, R&B, hiphop and jazz.

While presented as a set of method books, the series doubles as a history course and record collecting guide for listeners, dancers, and players of instruments other than the piano.

Perhaps the most important goal of the series is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how tumbaos are constructed, their central role in the texture of Latin music of all eras, and the endless possibilities they provide for creative composing and arranging.
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Beyond Salsa for Ensemble

Artist:   Kevin Moore

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Instructional 2012 465 1


© 2012 A. Kevin Moore. All rights reserved.
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# Name Play Time Info
01  u15-2-3-efecto 15-no piano-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - NO PIANO - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble
02  q15-2-3-efecto 15-bass-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - BASS - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble
03  m15-2-3-efecto 15-drums-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - DRUMS - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble
04  i15-2-3-efecto 15-timbales-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - TIMBALES - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble
05  e15-2-3-efecto 15-congas-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - CONGAS - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble
06  a15-2-3 efecto 15-bongó-fast
Alternative text
0:45 efecto / bloque 15 - BONGÓ - Beyond Salsa for Ensemble

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Name Difficulty Notation Price
eBook Beyond Salsa for Ensemble Sample Beg-Med-Hard Standard $24.99 Buy_now_ebook
Upgrade your salsa band to TIMBA! The Beyond Salsa for Ensemble series is designed to teach modern Cuban rhythm section techniques to college and high school bands, and working professional bands. Each volume contains extensive exercises that systemically teach each of timba's many rhythmic and formal innovations and each contains a full chart of an important timba hit, ready to play at concerts and gigs. This is now THE STANDARD for instruction of modern tropical dance music styles. Includes a complete, ready-to-play sheet music transcription of "El Buenagente" by César Pupy Pedroso y los que Son Son. 386 pages (386 páginas) with 465 audio tracks (465 pistas).

Special notes about Beyond Salsa for Ensemble Vol.1:

** BSE is a MONSTER, larger than any other Beyond Salsa volume to date. Is has 386 pages and 465 audio tracks (753 MB)!! So please, be patient downloading. Also the eBook is larger than ever so it will take a more than a few minutes to load. Thanks for all the support!

** Part on the "Beyond Salsa" series, Beyond Salsa for Ensemble Volume 1 is the first instructional method to comprehensively modern Cuban rhythm section techniques. Each volume is composed of an eBook with audio tracks. The eBook and audio tracks are sold separately. The eBook is a personalized pdf download compatible with Adobe Acrobat (more eBook info here).

** This volume is just profoundly comprehensive. Plus, Beyond Salsa for Ensemble Vol.1 contains a full sheet music transcription (full score, lead sheet, all lyrics including pregones, all coro melodies, piano, bass, trumpets 1 & 2, and trombones 1 & 2) of César "Pupy" Pedroso's EL BUENAGENTE (Pupy y los que Son Son 2005 version with José Pepito Gómez). These charts alone are worth the price of the book. Print them and hand them out to your band. Upgrade your salsa band to TIMBA!

** The piano part is taught separately with left and right hands panned left and right, fast and slow, as in Beyond Salsa Piano, so there's no need to have the piano soloed, so we use the "no piano" category of tracks for a nice stereo mix of the other 5 instruments. There are slow and fast and slow 3-2 audio files for every efecto. The clips above are only the fast, 2-3 versions.

Download the SAMPLE PDF here.


4 piano training tumbaos in 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow 2 traditional salsa marcha arriba in 2-3 & 3-2
2 piano & bass (tumbao) tracks for BuenaGente 2 piano & bass (complete) tracks for BuenaGente
10 coro harmony training tracks for BuenaGente 24 marcha arriba training tracks fast & slow
70 efecto bongó tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow 70 efecto conga tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow
70 efecto timbales tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow 70 efecto drums tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow
70 efecto bass tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow 70 efecto no piano tracks 2-3 & 3-2 fast & slow

The Beyond Salsa for Ensemble series is designed to teach modern Cuban rhythm section techniques to college and high school bands, and working professional bands. Each volume contains extensive exercises that systemically teach each of timba's many rhythmic and formal innovations and each contains a full chart of an important timba hit, ready to play at concerts and gigs.

The most frequent question I've heard people ask about Cuban music is: "What's the difference between timba and salsa?"

There are many answers to this question, most of them having to do with many having to do lyrics, dancing, melody and chord progressions, but if we limit ourselves strictly to the percussion instruments and the rhythms played by the bass and piano, there are still many key differences and that's what these books are about.

VOLUME 1-PART 1: THE BASIC GROOVE Salsa and timba share the same basic family of grooves, tempos and dance styles, but timba has a distinctly different attitude and flavor and this difference can be broken broken very easily from a technical musical point of view. Many of the same instruments are used: congas, two interlocking bells, timbales and bongó, but timba adds kick drum and sometimes snare, toms and hihat. Salsa almost always uses three percussionists: timbalero, conguero and bongosero. Timba uses these three instruments, but has many ways of dividing their responsibilities among two, three, four or even five percussionists, and many very different ways of approaching the grooves that the instruments play, with the most dramatic differences between in the piano, bass, congas, and of course, the drumset elements. In Volume 1 - Part 1, we learn a typical timba groove, and compare it to the same chord progression played with a salsa groove. All the parts, for all six instruments, are written out note-for-note and have 12 different audio files - fast and slow, with each instrument panned hard left. For example, the timba groove above happens to be the normal speed bass version. There are 11 others, with different speeds and featured instruments. This way, you use your balance or pan control to solo or mute your own instrument when you play along. 

VOLUME 1-PART 2: EFECTOS Efectos (sometimes called bloques) are those fantastic funky breaks that timberos intersperse into the fabric of their grooves. We include 36 of these - 18 different basic ideas, each in 2-3 and 3-2 clave (the 3-2 groove has different basic piano, bass and congas parts). Here's an example of Efecto 12 in 2-3, at full speed, with the congas as the featured instrument. Efectos can be rehearsed as a standard part of an arrangement, or can be learned as special modules, like sports plays, that can be called with hand signals or musical signals.

VOLUME 1-PART 3: Performance Chart The featured song for Volume 1 is El buenagente by Pupy Pedroso y Los Que Son Son. It includes piano and bass parts written out note-for-note, all the way through - in both 8th note and 16th note version - and also a lead sheet version with chord symbols and slashes. There are also basic percussion grooves, full horn parts, and all coro vocals, written out in 3-part harmony, with fast and slow audio files to help you train your coro singers. All of the lead vocal lyrics, including the guías, are included as well.

VOLUME 2-PART 1: GEARS In Volume 1, we deal with the main, bread and butter groove used behind coros in the montuno section. In Volume 2, we learn seven other gears, or alternate grooves that are used on the cuerpo (or verse), the breakdowns, the bombas, the mambos, and so on.

VOLUME 2-PART 2: SWITCHING GEARS Like efectos, switches between these gears can be written into the arrangement or cued with hand signals.

VOLUME 2-PART 3: Performance Chart The chart for Volume 3 hasn't been chosen yet. Stay tuned! And look for a course in Beyond Salsa Ensemble at an educational institution near you.

Click here for a pdf sample of the Beyond Salsa for Ensemble Vol1 eBook.

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