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Beyond Salsa Bass V2 (Free)

Artist:   Kevin Moore

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Instructional 2014 24 0


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01  Pueblo Nuevo se pasó - fast
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0:51 Track 2-31a of 256 - Beyond Salsa Bass Volume 2
02  Que critiquen - fast
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1:09 Track 4-39a of 256 - Beyond Salsa Bass Volume 2
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This is the FREE 24 track audio album for Beyond Salsa Bass Volume 2 -- which covers the same period as Beyond Salsa Piano Vol.2, Cuba from 1940-1959, aka, the "golden age of Cuban music" (featuring the works of Arsenio Rodríguez and Cachao among others). The complete product (separate purchase) has 256 tracks. The accompanying eBook is also a separate purchase.

The complete, unabridged 220-page book is available in print and as an eBook as well as in the abridged online version that you're currently reading. There are 24 free, downloadable audio files and another 232 audio files available as a $10 download.

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Arsenio, Cachao and the Golden Age of Cuban Music
Beyond Salsa Bass, Vol.2 covers the same period as Beyond Salsa Piano, Vol.2 - Cuba from 1940-1959, aka, the "golden age of Cuban music".

Beyond Salsa Bass After a theoretical chapter covering clave alignment and rhythmic breaks, or cierres, the second chapter, over 100 pages, is devoted to the bass tumbaos and cierres of Arsenio Rodríguez. Chapter 3 is on the great bassist Cachao López and the final chapter covers the multitude of great Cuban artists of the 1950s: Beny Moré, Celia Cruz, Orquesta Aragón, José Fajardo, et al.

Beyond Salsa Bass is the companion series to Beyond Salsa Piano, launched in 2009 and now spanning thirteen (13) volumes. As of July 2014, five (5) bass volumes have been released: Volumes 6 and 7 on Alain Pérez, and the three beginning books, Volume 1: For Beginners, Vol 2: covering the same period as Beyond Salsa Piano Vol.2, Cuba from 1940-1959, aka, the "golden age of Cuban music", and now Volume 3: covering New York and Puerto Rican salsa and pre-salsa as well as Latin jazz.

To learn more about the BEYOND SALSA Series of musical instruction books, the leading source of Afro-Cuban music studies on the planet, please visit

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