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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Avelino Muñoz

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San Juan, Puerto Rico 2008 1 0
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Mi Penúltimo Cartucho
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Comediante y figura destacada de la radio y televisión puertorriqueña. La carrera de Avelino ha recorrido muchos rumbos del negoio del entretenimiento, desde reportero, locutor, productor de eventos, productor de televisión y programas deportivos, maestro de ceremonias y trabajos ejecutivos.

MY CAREER HIGHLIGHTS by Avelino Muñoz Stevenson

TV PRODUCTION - Dueña y Señora soap opera, Cosas Que Pasan, Americas Funniest Videos and Real TV (TeleOnce and Univisión), College Track and Field Meet, Puerto Rico’s Professional Basketball League, Puerto Rico Professional Volleyball League, Professional Boxing, Nacional Aerobics Championships, Supersiete Deportivo weekly TV Show, Puerto Rico Open Tennis, "Avelino: El Mas Que Vende" TV Show, Caribbean Baseball Series, World Beach Volleyball Championships, World Amateur Boeing Championship, Puerto Rican basketball League, Carlos Baerga Celebrity Softball Game, Avelino’s Hot Line.

RADIO - Sports reporter for Magic 97.3. Weekly jokes section in the program Bien Coll, Magic 97.3 FM, Co-host Pegao’s En La Mañana (Radio Isla), sports reporter Radio Puerto Rico and WVOZ FM. Host in morning show X-100 FM.

APPERANCES & PERFORMANCES TV - Host for Americas Funniest Videos, Real TV. Co host, and principal host sometimes in Eso Vale and Que Suerte, Channel 11, Puerto Rico (now Univision). Host of 2004 Olympics pre games broadcast, Telemundo, Channel 2. Host of Supersiete Deportivo weekly show (Channel 7)

PRODUCTION OF ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS - Dizzie Gillespie United Nations Orchestra, Rubén Blades, Willie Colón, Arturo Sandoval, Giovanni Hidalgo, Tito Puente, Lucesita Benítez, El Topo, Andrés Jiménez

PRODUCTION OF SPORTS EVENTS - Nacional Motorcycles Encounter, Nacional Aerobics Championship, World Beach Volleyball Championships, North, Central and Caribbean Beach Volleyball Championships, Puerto Rico Tennis Open, Justas Universitarias and over 40 Boxing World Titles Fights

TV NEWS & JOURNALISM - Anchor/Reporter TeleOnce, Channel 11. Anchor/Reporter WIPR Channel 6, Reporter El Nuevo Día daily news, The Associated Press. Sport Director El Mundo daily news, El Reportero daily news, Assistant Managing Editor El Mundo. Editor, Tiempo Extra, Béisbol magazines

EXECUTIVE POSITIONS - Sports Director for Radio and Television WIPR (Puerto Rico’s Government Stations), Assistant Managing Editor El Mundo daily news, Sports Editor El Reportero daily news (The youngest in Puerto Rico history), President Puerto Rico Aerobics Federation, Vice president Producciones Cuqui Torres (Entertainment company), President Golden Life Corporation