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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Sin Tropiezos

Artist:   Jesus 'El Zun Zun De La Salsa'

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Salsa 2004 11 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Pensandote
Alternative text
6:07 quiero que se me paso ya el amor que siento por ti
02  Por Eso Ella Esta Conmigo
Alternative text
4:32 una razón para vivir, una esperanza al despertar
03  Vestido Rojo
Alternative text
4:38 se oye la influencia de la timba y el son
04  Trombon De Barrio
Alternative text
6:27 la misma historia que Ligia Elena de Rubén Blades
05  Bajo La Luna
Alternative text
5:32 como tu no hay dos, como tu ninguna
06  Vete
Alternative text
5:21 ....que lindo como suenan los trombones
07  Se Tambalea
Alternative text
4:49 aquí se oye la influencia del Gran Combo
08  Sin Pelo Pero Con Cabeza
Alternative text
5:20 salsa rápida, ay ay ay la gente dice que estoy...
09  Bajo Un Palmar
Alternative text
3:44 era que eras novia mia y yo te sentia nerviosa
10  Desafortunadamente
Alternative text
5:05 a un mundo desconocido desafiando tormentas
11  Zunzuneate
Alternative text
5:12 hay comentario en la cuidad......
A salsa record at its core, Jesús leads this band along with his musical director Arnaldo Jiménez (ex- Paulo F.G., Isaac Delgado, Revé), exploiting his best talents by taking him back to the style in which he he sang with Den Den. Highlights include 'Vestido Rojo', 'Trombón de Barrio' and 'Bajo la Luna'.

Sumario: Después del éxito obtenido con su primera producción “Nos dio la cuenta”, Jesús Salas más conocido como “EL Zunzún de la Salsa” nos propone su nueva obra “Sin Tropiezos”, con la Havana City. La orquesta ha tenido cambios en sus componentes y prácticamente sólo queda Jesús, ahora auténtico líder. La dirección musical ha sido de Arnaldo Jiménez (ex Paulo F.G., Isaac Delgado, Revé y ahora con su Cosmopolita) que le ha dado un aire más salsero, dejando los arreglos de la timba cubana y sacando lo mejor de este cantante, llevándole nuevamente lo que cantaba en Den Den, donde sus éxitos fueron reconocidos mundialmente “Mi guapo”. En el repertorio podríamos destacar los temas “Pensándote”, “Vestido Rojo”, “Trombón de Barrio”, “Bajo la Luna” ó “Desafortunadamente”, que a seguramente situarán a Havana City otra vez en la cima musical.

English Bio: Jesús Felipe Salas (Jesusito), well known as the 'Zun Zun' (shorty) of salsa music, was born in the estate of El Caguazo, mountainous place of Cahual, near the town Bejucal, city of "las charangas", the most enjoyed and licentious place of La Havana. Las Charangas, in this case the name of these traditional parties, with lines black men playing drums, who musically nourished all those who live there, among them Juan Carlos Alfonso, director of (orchestra) Dan Den. Jesusito comes from a musical family; his grandfather was the bass player for Conjunto Casino, who, having worked in many occasions with figures such as Orlando Vallejo and Orlando Contreras, beside Illusion 60 (Aragón of Bejucal) and shared the stage with the great Benny More. All of that influenced Jesus, who was born when pop music was fashionable, so on his home record player he listened to pure Cuban son, because his grandfather was a admirer of the so-called 'white groups' of Cuban music, and was also influenced by other musical stream like Mexican music and ballads, then very popular in many Cubam towns.

Jesusito completes his debut performance at six years old, with the "Conjunto Melodias del Bolero", that his teacher Maria Álvarez Ríos organized. In this stage, decisive for the formation of the artist, Maria helped him to find his voice, getting him win the first reward of his life when he was just twelve years old, during the festival "Que Siempre Brille El Sol".

As professional singer Jesus fought find his place in the star system, singing in pop-rock groups as 'El Swing De Bejucan', Los Dada (1994), directed by Raúl Pasora, until one day he arrived at a Cuban TV program called 'Mi Salsa' and in an episode entitled "Buscando Un Sonero" he interpreted "A Ti Nena", a Randy Vazquez tune, causing a big stir doe to his audacious presentation, and at that time Victor Torres baptized him as 'El Zun Zun' for his short physical stature.

Musicians on "Sin Tropiezos" By Jesús El Zun Zun De La Salsa:

Jesús F. Salas Voz solista Voz solista   Orlando Montaner Trombón
Arnaldo Jiménez Bajo Bajo   Ulises Benavides Trombón
Sergio Noroña Piano   Fidel Camue Trombón
Jorge "LP" Papiosko Conga   Pascual Matos "El Sinsonte" Coros
Karel Páez Timbal   Ciso Guanche Coros
Oswaldo Huerta Bongo   Barbaro López "Puchunguito" Coros
Carlos Amores Guiro      

At that time Juan Carlos Alfonso came back from Bolivia with his orchestra Dan Den, that, as often happened, was decimated for by the escapes of the musicians, so he decided to meet his friend Jesusito, he crossed las Talanqueras (doors) of the estate of Caguazo and recruited Zun Zun, giving a start to his career of success in Cuban salsa. Moreover Dan Den was one of the groups that defunct Jerry Masucci (Fania) had signed in Cuba and the records were very widespread around the Latin American continent.

Jesusito's first single was "Mi Cuerpo", in a short time it was situated at #1 on the salsa music charts across the world, then other success arrived as "Cadena Perpetual", Chica De Nieve", "Y Lo Tuyo Que" which situated Jesusito and Dan Den orchestra among the most famous in the U.S., Cuba, Mexico and Colombia.

During a trip to Colombia, the master Jairo Varela met Jesus and contracted him for a gig with the famous Group Niche, but Jesus turned down his offer because he did not want to leave his guardian angel Juan Carlos Alfonso, who gave him his fame. One of Jesus' outstanding features is that he is also a prolific composer, with some forty hit titles under his belt, some of them in this production, among them is "Señora", made popular by the version recorded by Group Niche.

As it often happens throughout musical history, Jesus left the orchestra of Juan Carlos Alfonso, and with a new band called Havana City, releasing the album "Nos Dió La Cuenta..." success arrived to the door of Jesusito and "Mi Cuerpo", "Señora" and "Ustedes Se Me Llevó La Vida" placed highly on the salsa music charts everywhere in the world.

Before we mention the difficulties that directors of orchestras generally have to manage musicians, Jesus was not an exception, and the musicians, who had come with him when he left Dan Den, decide to leave him and created another orchestra, even though their separation happened for normal reasons, so Jesus retained the Havana City name, and his repertory. The remainders decided to create Havana Power Band. Now with new musicians and continued success as the objective, this Zun Zun continues to fly very high.
-- by Rafael Lam of Envidia