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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Timba de Primera Toma EC

Artist:   El Pikete

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2008 9 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Hay Pero No Te Toca
Alternative text
5:49 composer: Jorge "Carlitos" Oviedo, vox: Hani
02  No Pasa Nada
Alternative text
5:20 composer: José "Pepito" Montes, vox: Michel
03  Ya No Se
Alternative text
5:47 composer: José "Pepito" Montes, vox: Michel
04  Lo Bueno No Pasa
Alternative text
4:34 composer: Jeans Valdés, vox: Hani
05  Seco y Guardao
Alternative text
4:49 composer: Jorge "Carlitos" Oviedo, vox: Michel
06  Con Los Pies En La Cabeza
Alternative text
4:20 composer: José "Pepito" Montes, vox: Michel
07  Que Me Llegue La Suerte
Alternative text
4:48 composer: Jeans Valdés, vox: Michel
08  Este Es Mi Tumbao
Alternative text
4:03 composer: Jeans Valdés, vox: Hani
09  Jugar Al Amor Con Dos
Alternative text
8:59 composer: Michel Calvo, vox: Michel
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Bajo la dirección del percusionista y arreglista Alexis “Mipa” Cuesta, El Pikete es un grupo de Miami compuesto por miembros de estelares grupos en Cuba como Paulito F.G., Manolín, Team Cuba, Dan Den, Sello L.A. y Colé Colé. En esta grabación en vivo de un concierto en California (2007), El Pikete demuestra que la música bailable puede contener conceptos musicales muy sofisticados y también mantener el sabor isleño del Caribe. En otras palabras, lo mejor de la timba cubana.

UPDATE!! - This album has been reissued on April 3, 2008. It is now identified by the initials 'E.C.' for 'Edición Coleccinista' (Collectors Edition) after the title. It features new audio processing with much improved low-frequency response and updated liner notes. This live album captures El Pikete's first and original line up, with Michel Clavo from Havana Power Band on lead vocals and José "Pepito" on piano. A live timba collector's must have.

"Timba de Primera Toma" means that each song on this record was recorded live -one take with no overdubs. One take was all EL PIKETE needed to throw down their intense grooves and rhymes. While everyone is anxious to hear their first studio album, we wanted to go ahead and capture that raw feeling that only a live concert can provide. A recording that would allow you to experience their sophisticated sound. Special thanks to all the hard-core, West Coast timberos that helped our grass-roots efforts to make EL PIKETE happen in our town. Lo que queremos es TIMBA y gracias al PIKETE la disfrutamos. Total time: 48:27 (mm:ss). Album includes cover art and liner notes.

Under the direction of percussionist and arranger Alexis “Mipa” Cuesta, El Pikete is a Miami based group composed of members from the top acts in Cuba like Paulito F.G., Manolín, Team Cuba, Dan Den, Sello L.A. and Colé Colé. In this 2007 live recording from California, El Pikete demonstrates that dance music can contain sophisticated musical concepts and still maintain a classic Caribbean sound. In other words, the best Cuban timba has to offer.

The formation of ‘El Pikete’ arises from the desire to expand the exposure of Cuban timba music in the United States and world-wide. The name is considered a ‘cubanismo’, and it means ‘a union’. It is based on the nuances of great Cuban groups like Los Van Van, Manolito y su Trabuco and Pupy y los que Son Son. The group captures the charanga type sound by including the violin as part of its sound.

  El Pikete - Timba De Primera Toma - Album Credits - Musicians
Alexis "Mipa" Cuesta Director, Congas (Tumbadoras) , Coros
José Rodríguez Drumset & Timbales
José "Pepito" Montes Piano
Victoriano Ángel Nápoles Bass
Jeans Valdés EWI (electronic wind instrument)
Dileivys "El Niche" Romero Trumpet, Coros
Jorge Carlos Oviedo Violin
Michel Calvo Lead Vocalist
Hany Alie Lead Vocalist
  El Pikete - Timba De Primera Toma - Album Credits - Production
Walter "DJ Walt Digz" Vela Graphic Design
Tom Ehrlich Photography
TravSonic Mobile SF Live Recording Services
Aaron Reppert Recording Engineer
Michael P. Lazarus Mixing, Mastering, Producer