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Authentic Latin Music Catalog for SYNC - TV & Film Music
Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Plena Al Salsero

Artist:   Plena Libre

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Plena 2008 14 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Tumbalakatin
Alternative text
5:38 ...que emocion....tumba.....tremendo 6 por 8
02  Plena Al Salsero
Alternative text
5:38 para que siga la fiesta estos ritmos se unieron
03  Plena Caribena
Alternative text
5:15 ay lo le lo lai yo soy caribeño, plena borinqueña
04  Festival
Alternative text
6:55 tema instrumental y bailable, bomba con jazz
05  Si Si Si
Alternative text
4:47 con un coro bien sabroso...hasta que amanezca
06  Julieta
Alternative text
4:03 ....al compas de la pandereta
07  Sandunguera
Alternative text
5:02 mira como mueve...mira como mueve...la bomba
08  Moreno
Alternative text
3:55 tema instrumental, plena con jazz
09  Remolino Del Mar
Alternative text
4:42 vaya como descargan esos trombones pana
10  Sirena Morena
Alternative text
4:26 y le pregunto a la luna si ha visto a mi sirena
11  Pa Que Tu
Alternative text
4:20 ....buenísimo solo de pandero requinto
12  Soy Soy Soy
Alternative text
3:40 el que hace la protesta, el que busca la salida
13  Flores
Alternative text
5:05 ahi viene la jardinera viene bregando flores
14  Tin Tin
Alternative text
4:46 que DAN GANA DE BAILARLA, ya tu sabes
Captured live on a hot October night in Monterrey Mexico, 'Plena Al Salsero' features classic traks from the group's storied career and six new compositions seeing their first light. With four Grammy nominations, this group is part of the elite class of tropical & traditional latin bands.
PLENA LIBRE - Live in Concert

One of the hottest tropical bands today, known for their high-energy show and hard-driven Puerto Rican rhythms. Plena Libre is considered the Ambassadors of the Puerto Rican afro-rican music, Bomba & Plena. They have traveled to over 175 cities, in more than 20 countries. From France, to Malaysia, United States and Argentina, Holland, Mexico, England. They are responsible for the revival of the Puerto Rican music, since their inception many plena groups have been created or existing groups have re entered the musical scene in Puerto Rico. Plena Libre is constantly on tour either in Puerto Rico or throughout the world. Their 15th anniversary will be a major event in 2008. At the core of Plena Libre's music are the native Puerto Rican folkloric rhythms of bomba & plena, which are infused with salsa, jazz, other Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and topped with sizzling horn charts. Plena Libre presents an entertaining, dynamic and culturally infused program. Combining a swinging rhythm section, horns and vocals, Plena Libre’s music has been given new light and patterns with contemporary dance floor styles such as songo, samba, reggae, salsa and pambiche. Add to that an electrifying stage presentation and choreographed dance steps and you have an extraordinary musical experience! -- Village Voice

Personnel for PLENA LIBRE:

Gary Nuñez Director, arreglista, bajo, y coros
Kalie Villanueva Cantante, percusion menor y pandero
Pole Ortiz Cantante y percusion menor
Wichy Camacho Cantante y percusion menor
Victor Velez C Cantante, pandero y barriles
Rafi Falu Pandero requinto
Luis Gabriel Nuñez Pandero, percusion menor y coro
William "Kachiro" Thompson Congas
Rolando Lopez Piano
Raul Rosario Timbales
Gamaliel Gonzalez Trombon
Cesar Ayala Trombon
Moises Cancel Trombon
PLENA LIBRE - Live in Solana Beach

Vive la Experiencia de este extraordinario grupo...Plena Libre. Es considerado el máximo exponente de los ritmos puertorriqueños de Bomba y Plena en Puerto Rico. Se les considera los Embajadores de la Plena, y "su calendario de presentaciones en su natal Puerto Rico demuestran su penetración en el mercado nacional". Han llevado su música a sobre 175 ciudades alrededor de sobre 20 países. De Francia a Nueva York, de Holanda a México, Londres a California, Argentina y muchos otros países. Se les considera el grupo que creo la efervescencia plenera en Puerto Rico, luego de casi 15 años, logrando que se activaran y organizaran muchos otros grupos. En el 2008 Plena Libre comienza su aniversario 15 con grandes eventos y actividades. "Plena Libre conoce la tradición plenera e incorpora elementos fuera del genero para mantenerlo fresco".