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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Camino al Cielo

Artist:   Havana NRG!

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Tropical 2003 9 0


© 2003 NRG! Records / Cabeza Productions. All rights reserved.
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# Name Play Time Info
01  Salsa Tumbao
Alternative text
5:15 tremendo tumbao, salsa pegajosa
02  Camino al Cielo
Alternative text
4:45 timba tracks with great harmonies
03  Ya Fue Bastante
Alternative text
4:50 hot saxes! - que buen merengue
04  Break the Mambo
Alternative text
4:51 classic mambo, great solos
05  Hombres Solteros
Alternative text
4:12 un merengue eléctrico, dance floor special
06  Sabroso Violin
Alternative text
3:35 charanga w/ violin & bone solos + tight band breaks
07  No Puedo Olvidarte
Alternative text
4:20 bachata with killer do-wop harmonies
08  Wrap the Mambo
Alternative text
4:38 hip-hop salsa, features rapper Keynote
09  Con Guiro Clave y Bongo
Alternative text
4:22 ahi nama! - ya esta to' hablao
Stunning in it's versatility and delivery, Havana NRG! plays salsa, timba, bachata, son and merengue with matching fire.

“Our main focus, even though we are Cubans, is that we show we’re ready to play any type of music. People at first had doubts about us doing ‘too many styles’, but we, as a band, stuck to the positive feelings we had about the versatility of our CD.” states, musical director Mariela Suarez.

When you hear it, it’s easy to agree with the hundreds of people packed onto the dance floor for Havana NRG at the Granada night club, dancing everything from rueda de casino, to salsa on one and on two. Yes, as Mariela explains, it is a mixture and a tasty one at that. The CD starts with a couple of smooth salsa tracks with that unmistakably Cuban spice. There are a couple of merengues, one being very romantic that dancers can float across the floor to, another with a heavier, funky beat for all those shimmies and tricky turns. There are a couple of elegant charangas with soulful Cuban rhythms. There’s a cool Latin jazzy mambo track that can be enjoyed by dancers who like their salsa on 2. There’s a nice Bachata for dancing with that special someone plus and a fresh salsa-hip-hop song.

  Havana NRG!'s famous cover of Los Van Van's grammy winning song Habana City.

Músicos que participaron en "Camino Al Cielo":

Mariela Suarez piano, violin, voz
Ivan Martínez timbales, voz    Maiquel Romero voz principal, trompeta
Ramón Rodriguez bajo, voz    Jeff Fort saxofón y flauta
Georber Nodal trompeta    Luis Chacón percusión
Erensto Vélez trombón    Raúl Valdés conga