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Authentic Latin Music Catalog for SYNC - TV & Film Music
Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Un Poquito de To

Artist:   Paulito F.G.

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2006 10 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Un Poquito de To
Alternative text
4:34 Cristobal Verdecia bajo
02  El Punto
Alternative text
4:24 Jose Antonio Montes piano
03  Admiradora
Alternative text
5:40 Ángel Martínez teclados
04  Pasta con Tostones
Alternative text
4:50 Yanel Yanes congas
05  Confio en Ti
Alternative text
5:15 Tomás Ramos Ortiz güiro y maracas
06  Te Bote
Alternative text
4:52 Armando Arce percusión
07  Jura
Alternative text
5:33 Alexander Abreu trompeta
08  Cleopatra
Alternative text
5:37 Amauri Pérez, Susanny Noriega trombón, coro
09  Fue El
Alternative text
5:07 Juan Manuel Ceruto saxo
10  Su Libertad
Alternative text
5:30 Ana Alaida, José Gómez Coros
11  Admiradora REMIX
Alternative text
4:25 dance teachers you really want this track
Literally translated to "A Little Bit of Everything", this super danceable release showcases Paulito's voice in songs that mix timba with salsa, reggaeton, urban music and latin pop. Timba fans of classic Paulito don't need to worry. The bonus track -a remix of "Admiradora"- is the PERFECT track to teach Cuban rueda (dance).
Alternate cover for Un Poquito de Tó

If you teach Cuban dance styles the bonus track Admiradora REMIX is PERFECT for your classes. It has all the sections of a standard timba song -verse, coro, mambo, despelote- without the vocals so you can actually play it loud while you talk over it and give instructions. Check it out becuase you won;t be disappointed. It is sure to become the "stock" track you will always rely on. In addition, this specific version, the one included in this download, has been enhanced for optimum audio quality.

Geared toward commercial radio, "Un Poquito de Tó" is a combination of Paulito's incredible timba with urban music styles. The album includes: El Punto, a collaboration with rapper Yami Manzano, Cleopatra a collaboration with rapper Michel Elías, Te Boté a collaboration with rapper Roldán Rivero González of ORISHAS, Confío en tí which is straight up salsa romantica and also Pasta Con Tostones, a nod to his Italian fans (fried plantains with spaghetti...mmmm....it's actually pretty good).