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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Money Money

Artist:   Orquesta d'Soul

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Tropical 2003 9 0


© 2003 Marina Garza and Michael Lazarus. All rights reserved.
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# Name Play Time Info
01  Power of Love
Alternative text
4:41 samba & plena
02  Mi Cascabel
Alternative text
3:45 cumbia & ranchera
03  Café por la Mañana
Alternative text
4:48 mexico con timba
04  Money Money
Alternative text
4:48 guajira & reggae
05  Do What I Do
Alternative text
5:14 funky latin groove
06  World of Confusion
Alternative text
4:58 soulful protest song
07  When You Call Me
Alternative text
4:51 salsa w/ japanese rap
08  Mi Amor
Alternative text
5:03 campy, real campy
09  Power of Love REMIX
Alternative text
6:28 dance club special
‘Money Money’ by ODS features an all-female front line that delivers hot Latin and R&B sounds. Caribbean styles are fused to generate a festive atmosphere that always keeps your attention.

May 2004
Orquesta D'Soul
New CD Release: "Money Money"
By Jesse Varela

Trumpeter-bandleader Marina Garza is driven! Originally from San Antonio, Texas, she leads the potent Orquesta d'Soul in the SF Bay Area where she's made her home since the 1990s. As they ably demonstrate on Money, Money, this is a Latino alternative band with strong salsa and funk leanings propelled by a giffed cast ot resident musicians.

Garza sings lead on her original song Power of Love, which cruises on a nicely paved New Orleans/Havana-style groove. The title track is a soul-rock guajira with Liza Jimenez and Nikki O'Shaughnessy, the other lead singers in the band, on chorus. We get introduced to Liza on Cafe Por La Manana. It starts with a beautiful, slow Mexican ranchera that features Garza playing mariachi style. Then it takes a sharp turn into a Latino ska beat that further spins into a Cuban timba vibe before it almost skids to a stop with a dramatic Lola Beltran-like ending. It's an ODS party all the way with merry maker Marina Garza leading the parade and conga line with a "Gabriela" style trumpet!

Performing musicians on 'Money Money':
Marina Garza (trumpet, vocals, bandleader)
Liza Jimenez (voclas) Nikki O'Shaughnessy (vocals)
Michael P. Lazarus (bass) Kymry Esainko (piano/keys)
Lori Rodriguez (saxophones) Amelia Catalano (saxophones)
Brian Andres (drumset) Jason Gianni (drumset)
Patricio Angulo (percussion) Nicole Roberts (design)

”Pick up a copy of Orquesta d´Soul's brand-spanking new disc ‘Money Money’ and squeeze in a little private practice time for a guaranteed kiss at the midnight toll this New Years Eve. A tricked-out percussion section, suave brass contribution and wily piano accompaniment establish the dance floor as your only logical location, but the sexy trio of Latina chanteuses, Garza, Jimenez and O’Shaughnessy steals the show hands down with power diva harmonies and character-affected vocals.” –Angie Martinez (Good Times SC Newspaper, Dec 11-17)