Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Artist:   Arte Mixto

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Tropical 1998 10 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Ahi-Namá entrada
Alternative text
3:00 yo tengo un sello, sonido y un nuevo son
02  El Chan Chan
Alternative text
4:16 homenaje a los grandes trovadores
03  Virginia
Alternative text
4:03 excellent guitar work in the flamenco style
04  Mi Isla
Alternative text
4:49 azucar, tabaco y ron -mi isla te espera
05  Entre Tu Y Yo
Alternative text
5:17 me dejaste, tu te fuiste, pero ya perdiste
06  Echa Pa'lla
Alternative text
4:50 ...con esa envidia
07  Ella Eres Tu
Alternative text
4:51 porque es igual a las demas y diferente a la vez
08  Plegaria A La Virgen De La Caridad
Alternative text
5:36 ayudame a llegar, ayudame a triumfar
09  Picante Y Sazón
Alternative text
5:40 el amore entra a la casa por la cocina tambien
10  Ahi-Namá
Alternative text
4:15 simepre sonando con mi sello
A unique & exuberant sound based on compositional originality & stylistic versatility, propelled by the delightful violin of Alexis Correa.

Featuring two guitars, bass, violin, and an extensive range of percussion instruments, Cuba's Arte Mixto mixes traditional up-tempo Cuban music with elements of classical music, jazz, flamenco, salsa, and samba. Led by violinist Alexis Correa, the band formed in the early '90s in the city of Cienfuegos Las Villas, featuring a group of students who had just graduated from the National School of Arts. Shortly after they formed, Arte Mixto was handpicked to represent Cuba as "the most authentic expression of Cuban music," in a tour of nine cities and various festivals in Norway, as well as a pair of concerts in London.

By 1996, Arte Mixto was awarded the "first level" by the evaluation committee of the Cuban Institute of Music, which is one of the most sought after and respected awards to be bestowed upon musicians in Cuba. More awards soon followed (such as the Bis Music Award, the Beny More Musical Award, the Egrem Music House Award, and a second place Lucas Award -- the Cuban equivalent to the MTV Awards). 1997 saw the release of their first recording, Deseos, and a year later, their sophomore release, Virginia de Cuba, was issued (the latter was made in tribute to Alex Correas' mother). During the late '90s, Arte Mixto toured the United States twice, and had a cameo appearance on an episode of the MTV program Road Rules and in 2001 released Sin Chisme.