Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Artist:   Fito Reinoso

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Timba 2007 11 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Tu Voz
Alternative text
4:22 es la lluvia y el sol que nos alumbra con amor
02  Orisan Paguan
Alternative text
6:44 que la paz del mundo llegue de prisa
03  Comunicación
Alternative text
6:41 tremenda lucha por el poder
04  No Me Pidas Eso
Alternative text
6:28 no me pidas que te deje de querer
05  Se Levanta El Niño
Alternative text
4:43 el merengue del viagra
06  Pensamiento
Alternative text
3:03 balada clásica de cuba
07  La Conocí
Alternative text
6:24 ave maria, la conocí un vientiseis
08  Rumba Sin Permiso
Alternative text
6:35 se formó, la rumba sin avisar
09  Meneito
Alternative text
4:08 y dale manguera pa' dentro pa' fuera
10  Atormentada
Alternative text
6:04 vete de mi, déjame en paz
11  Pueblo Mio
Alternative text
6:31 rumba guaguancó con Genesie
Joined by many SF-Bay-Area heavy hitters, Fito's third CD release is his best yet!! Along with his signature timba sound, his voice is spectacular on his already infamous 'viagra' merengue and a classsic cuban ballad.

Fito Reinoso's 'Comunicación': new release CD review
By Jimmy Arhon,

Once again we are witnessing the sizzling rhythms of Cuban New-Wave. It is Cuba’s street beat that people dance to these days, and here is Fito Reinoso, the man with a broad musical background, together with his band Ritmo y Armonia that make it happen. His new CD titled "COMUNICACIÓN" is very refreshing and crisp in sound with flowing lyrics. The vocals are superb! A feast to the ear!

His new CD titled " COMUNICACION" is very refreshing and crisp in sound with flowing lyrics. The vocals are superb! A feast to the ear ! Fito Reinoso was born in Cuba, and after coming to the U.S.around 1980, chose to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area simply because of the immense talent of musicians that can be found here. The two previous albums “Ya Llegamos” and “Lo Que Me Gusta.....Dinero” were recorded around 1999 in the style of Timba, continue to enjoy success.

The new CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael by Ari Rios (owner - engineer - producer) who has a vast experience in music. He is a vocalist, musician, and writer with many accomplishments to his credit, and was also born in Cuba. The meticulous hard work of Fito, Ari, and the quality sound of the well known Bay Area musicians made this record world class. The CD contains Son-Timba style songs, but it does not stop short of having a variety with track #2 "Orisan Paguan" (authentic Afro-Cuban folk), and a merengue on track # 5 "Se Levanta El Niño". In all, it is a quality CD and a new treasure for a collector’s music library.

PODCAST: new release interview (click here)
West Coast's 'Sonero Mayor' Fito Reinoso promotes his new release 'Comunicación' in a radio interview on KCSM. Fito discusses his family and musical background -from the time he learned folkloric music to his rise in the SF Bay Area. Total time is 37:02

 Musicians on Fito Reinoso's 'Comunicación'
Fito Reinoso Lead Vocals, Composer, Director
Jose Luis Gómez Coros
Erick Barberia Tumbadoras / Coros
Ari Rios Coros
Michael P. Lazarus 5 String Bass
Jason Moen Acoustic Piano
Patricio Angulo Timbales
Coto Pincheira Acoustic Piano / Synthesizer
Bill Theurer Trumpet
Daniel Brown Alto and Baritone Sax
Darren Smith Alto and Tenor Sax
Adam Theis Trombone
Herman Lara Tenor Sax