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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.
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Tributo A Celia Cruz

Artist:   Haila María Mompié

Style Released Album Tracks Charts
Salsa 2003 12 0


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# Name Play Time Info
01  Bemba Colorá
Alternative text
4:20 pa'mi tu no eres na', tu tienes la bemba colorá
02  Sopita en Botella
Alternative text
4:11 salsa clásica, solo de piano por Rolando Luna
03  Santa Bárbara
Alternative text
4:27 que viva Changó, solo de laud por Barbarito Torres
04  El Yerbero Moderno
Alternative text
4:08 pegajoso cha cha cha
05  Me Voy Contigo
Alternative text
4:35 dúo con Mayito Rivera de los Van Van
06  Rosa
Alternative text
4:14 bonito bolero con arreglo de Juan Manuel Cerruto
07  Usted Abusó
Alternative text
4:46 solo de flauta por José Luis Cortez "El Tosco"
08  Químbara
Alternative text
3:22 solo de quinto por Jesús Alfonso
09  Ya No Puede Ser
Alternative text
4:49 si por quererte a ti, enloquecí una vez...
10  Burundanga
Alternative text
5:31 canta el artista folklórico Lázaro Ross con Haila
11  De Noche
Alternative text
3:01 solos por J.M. Cerruto (sax) y Joaquín Oliveros
12  Nadie Se Salva de la Rumba
Alternative text
6:06 dúo con Paulito F.G. y Changuito en el timbal
Though there have been more than a few tributes to the Queen of Salsa, there are few as qualified as this fellow Negrita Cubana...

Haila's path to her first solo record has been long and auspicious. Including membership in the highly respected Bamboleo and Leonel Limonta y Azucar Negra and guest appearances with artists such as Issac Delgado and David Calzado, to name a few, Haila seems to have performed with more modern Cuban music greats than not. Tributo a Celia Cruz features some of Cruz's big hits alongside some lesser-known selections, all under the expert musical direction of timba godfather Issac Delgado.

Even the overdone standards have been given a facelift, like salsa theme "Químbara," featuring Los Muñequitos de Matanzas and done in a sultry, subtle rhumba-jazz style, or "Usted Abusó," done with a modern songo feel. Consistently more complex and intricate than the original recordings, Haila's timba roots are obvious, adding interest and texture to otherwise over-recorded material. Haila herself has never sounded better. Her work with Azucar Negra seems to have been a poor representation of her abilities and potential.

Her hallmark brassy vocal quality remains the same, but her control over her voice and improvisational ability have gone from sounding unimpressive in her Limonta collaborations to staggering. There are as many differences as similarities between the two, but Haila's stylistic approach and inflection are more akin to the late Cruz than perhaps any other female salsa vocalist today. Though there have been more than a few tributes to the Queen of Salsa, there are few as qualified as this fellow Negrita Cubana.

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