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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.

Son 14

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Renowned big-band from Oriente, the western province of Cuba, that was originally formed by musicians who are now legendary figures in Cuban music: Adalberto Alvarez, Eduardo Morales "Tiburón" (meaning 'shark') and Lázaro Rosabal.
Son 14 - Live in Mexico City

Son 14 are comprised of fourteen top Cuban musicians, unequalled in string, brass and percussion. Reacting, interacting and imitating each other's rhythms within layers of percussion at a breathless pace, they then mellow the mood with a slower cumbia and a gentle bolero. Produced under the musical direction of Geovanis Alcantara Lopez. Eduardo (Tiburon) Morales infuses the flavour of traditional son alongside the salsero Ruben Rodriguez and the romantic boleros of Salvador Lorens. Founded by Adalberto Álvarez and vocalist 'Tiburón' Morales, as invincible and witty as ever, the group is at the forefront of traditional big band son.

In the Spanish language the word 'son' means 'they are' as well as being the name for Cuba's distinctive musical genre. Thus the name Son 14 signifies the number of musicians in the band as well as their musical roots and direction. Originating from Oriente, the birthplace of son, the band were brought together in 1978 but it was not until 1979 that the band received their official recognition. They were originally formed by musicians who are now legendary figures in Cuban music: Adalberto Álvarez, Eduardo Morales "Tiburón" (meaning 'shark') and Lazaro Rosabal.

Músicos de SON 14
Geovanis Alcantara Lopez: Born 1969, Santiago de Cuba. Musical director, arranger and pianist. Studied guitar at the Esteban Salas Conservatoire. Has played in Los Kinnin, Soneto, Ritmicos de Palma, Los Karachi, and has been with Son 14 since 1994.

Eduardo “Tiburon” Morales: Born 1936, Guayabal, old province of Camaguey. Since the age of 15 sang in his uncle Ramon Benitez's son band. Joined the group Avance Juvenil, directed by Adalberto Alvarez, and later went to Santiago de Cuba to found Conjunto Son 14 in 1978. Is today one of the most highly respected figures in the canto sonero. Has shared the stage with the principal salsa stars of the continent and recorded several records. Composer of a large chunk of Son 14's repertoire.

Guillermo Fernandez Gonzales: Born 1952, Santiago de Cuba. Trumpeter, founder of Son 14. Studied at the Esteban Salas Conservatoire. Was pupil of Santiago Fals and Pancho Portuondo. Formed the Mario Patterson's orchestra, the Del Circo de Santiago de Cuba and Conjunto Cubanero. Composer of the hits “ Condenado por tu Amor” (Condemned by your Love) and “La Maquina Musical” (The Musical Machine).

Alexis Hechavarria Altes: Born Santiago de Cuba 1971. Bassist. Studied at Conservatoires: Esteban Salas, and Jose White. Joined Los Serranitos, Sur Caribe, Nueva Isla, Orquesta de Mario Patterson and Son 14 (1995).

Eugenio Dinza Ges: Born Santiago de Cuba 1978. Trombonist. Studied at Academia Musical Lauro Fuentes, Escuela Vocacional de Arte and Conservatorio Esteban Salas. Member of La Idea, La Orquesta del Cabaret Tropicana Santiago, Orchesta Sinfonica de Oriente and Son 14 (2000).

Daniel Lantigua Fernandez: Born Santiago de Cuba, 1966. Trumpeter. Studied at Conservatirio Esteban Salas where he went on to teach for several years. Also studied at the Escuela Nacional de Arte. Formed La Orquesta Sinfonica de Oriente, Banda XL and Son 14 (1997).

Ruben de Jesus Rodríguez: Born Santiago de Cuba 1959. Singer. Studied clarinet at the Conservatorio Esteban Salas. Joined the groups Alexander y su Son and Son 14 (1991). Winner of the viewers' popularity award at the Concurso Todo El Mundo Canta (The Whole World Sings) TV show (1985). Has occasionally sung with Gilberto Santa Rosa's orquesta.

Juan Casas Acosta: Born Santiago de Cuba, 1954. Trumpeter. Studied at the Conservatorio Esteban Salas and played in: Mario Patterson, Conjunto Cubanero, Los Karachi, Santiago 77, Sonora Santiaguera and Son 14 (1989).

Luis Trujillo Iniguez: Born Santiago de Cuba, 1957. Trumpeter. Graduated from Conservatorio Rafael Salcedo. Band member of: Los Tainos, Orquesta de Musica Moderna, Orquesta de Tropicana Santiago, and Son 14 (1989)
-- musician bios courtesy of Tumi Music

In 1979 they recorded their first LP "A Bayamo en Coche", only to receive Cuba's most prestigious award: The Beny More Award, for composition, arrangements and performance. Their second LP recorded in 1981 "Son Como Son", also received the Disco de Plata Award (Silver Disc). During this year they toured throughout the Americas and made their historic trip to Venezuela touring with Oscar D'Leon and playing with Dimension Latina.

In 1983 after returning from their European Tour which included Fiesta Latina in Paris and a momentous concert at the glamorous Monte Carlo Casino, the band split up. Adalberto Alvarez, then the musical director of the band, decided to settle in Havana but Tiburon Morales (lead vocals), Lazaro Rosabal (on trombone), Guillermo Fernandez (on trumpet) and Jorge Machado together with other members of the band returned to Santiago in order to re-structure the band.

Jorge Machado took over the directorship of the band and once again they began recording and touring the world. Then in 1993, Machado left the band and went to Havana to become the director of the pioneering band Orquesta America; inventors of the Chachacha. The lead trombone player Lazaro Rosabal, took over the directorship. The Santiago-born talented musician and songwriter not only became the musical director but also, with piano player Geovani Alcantara's help they began to arrange all the songs, thus creating a new sound. This partnership kicked off a new era in Son 14's history, giving son a distinct concept of rhythm without losing its traditional taste.

In 1994, the group joined the UK based Tumi Music record label and recorded their first labour of love after a long absence from the studio. "Cubania" received great praise in the media, became one of the top selling records in the US specialist market and was featured on many college music charts and Latin dj charts. "Maquina Musical", meaning Music Machine is their second recording with Tumi Music. The title of the album and hit song refers to the old organ-type music machine which is traditional to the historic town of Olguin in Cuba. It also refers to Tiburon's body - a music machine, as he himself proclaims, and to the work of the band as the title track's lyrics explain: musica, musica le vamos a cantar, musica, musica le vamos a tocar, somos catorce, vamos unidos, somos la maquina musical..." (music, music, we're going to sing for you, music, music, we're going to play for you, we're fourteen, we're united, we're the musical machine).

This album once again combines the wholesome and strong sonero sound of the legendary figure Tiburon Morales, the versatile salsero voice of Ruben Rodriguez and the romantic sound of the bolero from Salvador Lorens hence giving a balance and variation in styles.