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Cuba based rap duo, Zona Franka, blends traditional rhythms with the grit and swagger of hip-hop and rap vocal phrasings. Their clever shout choruses create instant tropical dance classics using their unique self-titled "changui con flow" style.


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Havana, Cuba 1990 1 0
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Tiene Bilongo
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Cuban salsa from charismatic sonero.

A charismatic sonero, known for his vocal register and improvisations with an special Cuban seal, Moises "YUMURI" Valle, has the quality of assuming in scene all the required force of contemporary Cuban pop music.

Known as YUMURI, artistic name given by master ELIO REVE, Moisés comes from a Havana family of a great musical tradition. His experience as a singer began in 1984 when he joined the prestigeous and popular Elio Reve’s Orchestra for four years. As a vocalist of that orchestra he had the oportunity of sharing scenarios with Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, José Alberto “El Canario” Ray Sepúlveda, Tito Nieves and Rubén Blades.

In Cuba, for several months, he was the invited artistic of Cabaret TROPICANA show. He also worked with orchestras Aragón and Irakere. After the mentioned experiences, Moisés decided to from his own orchestra taking with him three of his four musicians brothers. Since then, YUMURI Y SUS HERMANOS (Yumuri and his brothres) has occupied first places of national T.V. program “Mi Salsa” award as novel orchestra of that year, 1993.

First compact disc was “Yo quiero tranquilidad” (“I want to be calm”) which was accepted by the public with its catchy tune known as “Cocodrilo de agua salá” (“Sea water cocodile”), really an example of his most artistic level. The lyrics are based on popular cuban slang phrases that support Cuban creole. The musical arrangements were made by ORLANDO VALLE, knawn as “MARACA”, who used to be a member of Irakere Group and also the only YUMURI brother not incorporated to the orchestra. This CD shows Yumuri’s outstanding vocal work, characterized for his unmistakeable vocalizations and wide range of Cuban Caribbean music paterns.

The orchestra’s first international experience for YUMURI Y SUS HERMANOS started in 1994 in Tokyo, inaugurating MUCHACHA’S restaurant in Tokyo. Since the very beginning their presentations were an anticipated event for the public and specialized critics. The titles like “Yo quiero tranquilidad”(“I want to be calm”) became in hit. Very soon YUMURI Y SUS HERMANOS shared scene with the famous japanese Orchestra del Sol (Sun’s Orchestra).

During their stay in Japan the orchestra had many interviews and live presentations. They also created the Salsa Festival; all of wich made them very known and successful for the japanese public. In 1996 he records his second CD “PROVOCACIÓN” in which the theme “El León” become a hit in the national parade. Due to his great performing qualities Moisés Valle “Yumuri“ was invited to participate in records of well know prestige as: “Havana Calling” of Orlando Valle (1996), “CUBANÍSMO” of Jesús Alimañy (1997) and “Sonando” Orlando "Maraca" Valle (1998 Grammy Winner). In 1997 Yumuri was selected to be a member of the show “Cuba Tropical” -performed in 20 cities in Japan.

In 1999 Yumuri y Sus Hermanos make the record “Olvidame Si Puedes”. At that time, this record became the No 1 on the Cuban hit parade. Soon after the band performs in Portugal and the Cancún Music Festival.